Iranian Foreign Minister in Conversation with Charlie Rose

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NEW YORK, September 27, 2017 — Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif discusses the Iran Nuclear Deal and issues such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen with journalist and broadcaster Charlie Rose at Asia Society in New York. The conversation was followed by an audience question and answer session moderated by Asia Society Executive…

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Iranian Foreign Minister: Arabs Are to Blame for Middle East’s Woes

With possible decertification looming for the Iran deal, Javad Zarif argues that his country has been unfairly maligned. Iranians live in a troubled and unstable region. We cannot change geography, but our neighborhood was not always so stormy. Without delving too far back into history—although as an ancient peoples our memories are measured in millennia,…

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Trump’s targeting of Revolutionary Guards is a step too far for Iran

Tehran has promised crushing response if US president makes ‘strategic mistake’ of listing elite force as terrorist entity In the 11 months since Donald Trump’s election, Tehran has been at pains to avoid kneejerk reactions. The measured responses to the US president’s pronouncements on Iranian activities have revealed much effort behind the scenes to grapple…

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What’s wrong with the Iranian army? Deadly shootings put spotlight on forced military service

One night last year at an army barracks in Tehran, a tormented young conscript rousted his sergeant from bed and marched him outside at gunpoint. The private made his superior writhe in the dirt for an hour, mimicking the exercises he had been forced to do for two months after he was drafted. The private…

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Trump and Rouhani each highlight the need for change in Iran, in very different ways

Watch the latest video at On September 19 and 20, the United Nations General Assembly hosted two competing speeches, one of which could have a dramatic impact on global policy-making and the future of the Middle East. President Donald Trump expressed a predictably firm policy in respect to the Iranian regime, especially toward the…

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