Europe and USA on a collision course over Iran nuclear deal

The Iran nuclear deal has made the world a safer place, or so Europe says. Yet the Trump administration wants out of the accord. Differences will become apparent when Iranian President Rouhani is sworn in on Saturday. If there is one place in the world where the difference of opinion between Europe and the USA…

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Trump’s incoherence on Iran doesn’t serve U.S. interests

Since being elected, President Trump has reversed or softened a number of problematic positions he took during last year’s campaign. He has decided not to declare China a currency manipulator, he has not withdrawn the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement — as he threatened to do if Canada and Mexico didn’t agree…

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Rewriting the Iranian Revolution

On November 5, 1978, rioters put Tehran to the torch while the army stood by. “Not even a bloody nose,” the shah had instructed his generals from his home in the city’s northern hills, Niavaran Palace. Before the winter’s end, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the last in 2,500 years of shahs of Iran, would leave his…

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It’s time to prepare for Iran’s political collapse

Iran Editorial

In recent congressional testimony, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sensibly stressed that the United States should “work towards support of those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government.” The commentariat was aghast, and the Islamic republic registered a formal protest note. Both parties seemed surprised that the United…

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Oblivious to History, Trump’s Turning Up the Heat on Iran, But There Are Lessons in the 1953 CIA Coup

In 1979, just as the Shah of Iran was overthrown and the the reign of the ayatollahs began, a former Central Intelligence Agency operative named Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, published his first-hand account of the covert operation he had led more than a quarter century earlier to overthrow an elected government…

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