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‘The war after Isis’: has Trump opened the door to conflict with Iran?

As US forces strike Syrian militias backed by Tehran, many fear delegation to the Pentagon and the looming defeat of the Islamic State could fuel a fiercer fire US forces have opened fire on Iranian-backed forces in Syria three times in the past month, amid mounting tensions that observers and former officials worry could easily…

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Donald Trump could drop a nuclear bomb on Iran within two years

Iran is boxed in economically, militarily and politically. It has no friends left. Very few neighbours would bat an eyelid and many would quietly applaud Donald Trump has just signalled that new and old enemies of the Persian people are aligning like no time in history. Iran should be very worried indeed. Many of Donald Trump’s critics claim…

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Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway

By dropping charges against major arms targets, the administration infuriated Justice Department officials — and undermined its own counterproliferation task forces. When President Barack Obama announced the “one-time gesture” of releasing Iranian-born prisoners who “were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses” last year, his administration presented the move as a modest trade-off for…

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Former Empress of Iran: “We wanted to create progress”

Within the basement of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, sealed away from public view the majority of the time, there lies a collection of images bearing silent testimony to a world now long passed. The scenes show men dancing to music, women wearing fashionable clothing sitting in university lectures, stylish young couples enjoying what…

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Is Saudi Arabia Really Seeking Regime Change in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran — Just as the Iranian judiciary was preparing to put those who stormed the Saudi Embassy in Tehran earlier this year on trial, former Saudi intelligence chief and diplomat Prince Turki al-Faisal Al Saud appeared to step up the campaign against Iran by appearing at the July 9 annual conference of the exiled Iranian opposition group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) in Paris. Iran…

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Obama’s Iran Deal Caused The Administration To Ignore Valuable Nuclear Intelligence

Foreign policy circles are abuzz over a New York Times Magazine profile of White House foreign policy advisor Ben Rhodes, boasting about manipulating “naïve” journalists into telling the American people how nascent moderation within the Iranian regime made the Iran nuclear talks viable. He also highlighted the White House creation of an “echo chamber” using outside groups…

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Critics of Iran deal got it wrong

Well senators, having second thoughts about signing that subversive letter to Iran? You should be. The longtime foe released 10 U.S. sailors Wednesday, less than 24 hours after taking them into custody. The details surrounding how two small U.S. naval boats allegedly drifted into Iranian waters are sketchy at best. But, come Wednesday morning, all…

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The Globalists and the Islamists

The British, the Middle East and Radical Islam 2001 As the American government, led by the Bush Administration, fights its so-called “War On Terror” with plans to invade and overthrow Iraq, America’s steadfast ally in this endeavor continues to be the British government of Tony Blair. The following study will take a look at the…

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