Obama hands scramble to save Iran deal

Democratic insiders try to stop Trump from risking ‘war,’ with former president’s tacit blessing. As President Donald Trump threatens to blow up the Iran nuclear deal, Obama administration alumni are mobilizing to defend it. One-time aides to Barack Obama are holding meetings, contacting lawmakers and working the media in an urgent bid to prevent the…

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Iran cracks down on Revolutionary Guards business network

Elite force has had to restructure some companies and transfer others to the state Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps is being forced to shrink its sprawling business empire and some of its senior members have been arrested as part of President Hassan Rouhani’s attempts to curb the elite force’s role in the economy. In the past…

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Pyongyang’s Playbook

Tehran has studied it well. The crisis between the United States and North Korea shows no signs of abating. Indeed, Pyongyang escalated its provocations last week, firing a missile over Japan on August 29. Critics of the president cite his brash approach to Pyongyang as a factor behind North Korea’s belligerency. Some also link Trump’s…

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